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Tinglev Church from around 1100.

Tinglev (German: Tingleff) is a town with a population of 2,721 (1 January 2021)[1] in Aabenraa Municipality in Region of Southern Denmark on the Jutland peninsula in south Denmark. Tinglev is a base for German minority institutions in Southern Jutland, the minority Schleswig Party receiving 15.9% of the town's vote in the municipal elections of 2017.[2]

From 1866-1920 Tinglev was part of the Prussian Province of Schleswig-Holstein, and formed a part of Imperial Germany. Notable figures born there include Hjalmar Schacht, a liberal economist who introduced a wide variety of schemes in Germany before and during The Third Reich in order to tackle the effects that the Great Depression had on that country, and was a key player in Nazi-Germany's economic steps towards re-armament.

Until 1 January 2007 Tinglev was also a municipality (Danish: kommune) in the former South Jutland County. The municipality covered an area of 326 km2 (126 sq mi), and has a total population of 10,148 (2005). Its last mayor was Susanne Beier, a member of the Venstre (Liberal Party) political party. The municipality was created in 1970 due to a kommunalreform ("Municipality Reform") that combined a number of existing parishes:

  • Bjolderup Parish
  • Burkal Parish
  • Bylderup Parish
  • Ravsted Parish
  • Tinglev Parish
  • Uge Parish

Tinglev municipality ceased to exist as the result of Kommunalreformen ("The Municipality Reform" of 2007). It was merged with Bov, Lundtoft, Rødekro, and Aabenraa municipalities to form a new Aabenraa municipality. This created a municipality with an area of 951 square kilometres (367 sq mi) and a total population of 60,151 (2005).

Jane Schumacher, 2016

Notable people[edit]

  • Hjalmar Schacht (1877 in Tingleff – 1970) a German economist, banker and German politician
  • Jane Schumacher (born 1988 in Tinglev) a Danish team handball player
  • Line Vedel Hansen (born 1989) a Danish professional golfer, lives in Tinglev


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